Unity of
Power & Experience

Established a brand new facility in the city of İzmir,
Türkiye, MİCHA is in business with partnership
with French FAYAT Group.

Joint power and experience of MİTAŞ and FAYAT
Group together with the benefit of being close to
steel angle manufacturers and ports in the region,
creates the synergy to provide world wide.

World Wide
Tailor Made Solutions

MİCHA functions on an area of 35,000 square meters and
exports 90% of its steel tower production throughout
the world.

Customized Production

MİCHA, as a subsidiary of Mitaş Group, can offer you a production
range, covering poles on every scale and up to 9 meters of a piece.

Manufacturing &

MİCHA manufactures and galvanizes all kinds of lattice
structures with extensive experience and knowledge.